Hospital occupancy rate increased further • Curfew fines increased slightly

Outgoing Health Minister De Jong admits that the prognosis for the number of vaccinations that will be given last week has not been entirely correct. “Last week I was actually better off tingling a little more,” de Jong admits.

The desire to resume shortly after the AstraZeneca vaccine was discontinued was present. But according to De Jonge, the injection had to start again after the pause and didn’t work as well as hoped there. The minister concludes that “the prognosis was very high, perception very low,” describing the practice as “a little more disciplined” than expected.

According to De Jonge, the pre-scheduled injections had to be rescheduled and it is not easy to determine what exactly went wrong. The Coronavirus dashboard states that an average of 40,712 people have been punctured per day in the past seven days. If you multiply that by seven, you will have had just under 285,000 injections in the last week. Much lower than de Jong expected.

In the coming weeks, according to De Jong, we will once again have “the bottom of the refrigerator on the horizon” and “poke it as far away as possible.” Next week, De Jonge hopes that between 400,000 and 500,000 injections can be made, because “the third wave, we’re in the middle of it.”

The minister also predicts that in the week of April 12 there will be enough rapid examinations for part-time start-up plans to continue in higher education.

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