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Photo from the Poseidon Hotel.
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Mechelen –

There was Thursday evening the premiere of “Hotel Poseidon”, Steve Lernos’ first full-length movie, at Vrijbroekpark. He was immediately bid farewell as a city artist. Anyone who knows Lernos knows he definitely wanted to exercise again. Something he did wonderfully.

Poseidon Hotel It is the first movie to be shot entirely in the city of Mechelen. Cultuurcentrum’s exhibition rooms have been converted into filthy hotel rooms in which to set. In addition, a hundred people from Mechelen were allowed to attend Poseidon Hotel. And even the movie’s music is Mechelen. Written by Pepijn Coudron and interpreted in part by metal band Mechelen Pothamus. The script and direction were written by Steve Lernos.

Mechelen’s well-established and burgeoning talent gathered for the film Poseidon Hotel It is undeniably impressive. It is the best parting gift he can give to our city with his worship company, Abattoir Fermé,” says Alderman Björn Siffer.

Steve Lernos took over from Ronaldo Circus in 2017 and that is now ending with the premiere of his movie.

Lernos is not shy about ruse either Poseidon Hotel It is a hit in this regard. As we are accustomed to, the underside of society appears. at Poseidon Hotel Everything is filthy, it smells musty and the interior in which the protagonist Tom Vermeer moves reflects the glory of the past. Then there’s another big surreal party… The Poseidon Hotel sometimes exudes the atmosphere you sometimes find in David Lynch movies. The time to return to it is often “over”. Something I really loved as a Tarantino fan. Mechelen has something to be proud of again.

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blue lake
Ships Björn Siffer is also a fan Poseidon Hotel. “I think it’s a great movie. I have

Siffer ships with Stef Lernous in 2019 movie set ديكور
Photo: Ward Busmans

I never got bored. I thought Tom Vermeer was cool. I immediately developed empathy for his character. Moreover, all the things you can expect from Stef Lernous were there and you can clearly see the effects. From Oblomov to Russian writer Goncharov where the main character is also unable to make decisions or take actions; Around the shining, which also takes place in a hotel, until the 80s of the last century blue lake. Steve loves to play with these items.”

“You don’t have a bad illness, do you?” asked Steve Lernos loudly as he took charge of the Micro from the Siffer ships. He thanked everyone who contributed to the film and announced that there would be an international screening of the film Poseidon Hotel in Canada. It is hoped that this film will be shown more often outside of the city of Mechelen.

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