Hundreds of Glasgow residents gathered around the immigration bus …

In a district in Glasgow, Scotland, hundreds of residents surrounded an immigration service bus Thursday. Two Indian men were arrested at their home in the morning during Eid al-Fitr or Eid celebrations, and many thought it was impossible. After a day of fighting, Glasgow police finally released the two.

First, British immigration officials demanded reinforcements from local police. At that time, hundreds of people had gathered around the immigration van. It chanted: ‘These are our neighbors, set them free’. Pictures show a man crawling under a van.

The confrontation lasted for several hours. When the last local police arrived at the scene, it was not to assist the immigration service, but rather. They released the two men in the van from the crowd to loud applause.

The Scottish Police said the decision was taken with “the public safety, health and well-being of the protesters and the two in mind”. Covid did not allow large gatherings in Scotland.

The Prime Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon is delighted with the decision of the Scottish Police. Sturgeon wants the power to settle to go to the Scottish authorities, not to England. His party does worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the seats. He accused the British government of creating a ‘dangerous situation’. The UK government has not yet commented on the facts.

Sturgeon, the Electoral District of Glasgow Falls, said it had raised the issue with the UK government and asked it to avoid similar situations in the future. “No assurances were given. Apparently, no remorse was shown when I spoke to the head of the British Cabinet,” Sturgeon said.

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