In harmony with the environment and with oneself

It is indisputable that the interior design goes beyond the purely aesthetic and functional aspect. It exerts a great influence on your daily routine, experiences, emotions, etc. The circular salt design responds to this idea and has a positive impact on the health and well-being of the residents. Design studio House of Gray worked according to these principles in the realization of the Kings Cross project.

House of Gray is a visionary studio in London that takes a holistic approach to its interiors. They focus on hospitality and residential projects, but can also be used for interior design. They have an interesting philosophy, which is the philosophy of “circular salt design”. This means that through their interior designs and creative work they want to make people mentally and physically healthier. The origins of this way of thinking go back to the construction of many leading modern hospitals. Therefore, investing in a design that has health benefits means investing in yourself. This is exactly what the residents of this house did when they asked the House of Gray to furnish their indoor homes.

Salt design not only wants to be beneficial to the population, but also to the planet.

The aim of the Kings Cross project was to create a space where residents could live every day in harmony with themselves and their environment. The design studio has taken a holistic and person-oriented approach, with a focus on aesthetics and sustainability. Salt design not only wants to be beneficial to the population, but also to the planet. That’s why this interior design invested in durable items, handcrafted in the UK, that last. The sofa is specially designed and manufactured to provide adequate support for a client with back problems. He came to try the sofa out during the manufacturing process to make sure it would work well for him. The interior was stripped of all unnecessary luxury items. They also used Bauwerk lime wax paint that does not release any gases and therefore does not contain VOCs. In addition, the studio used a natural color palette, pleasant diverse textures and organic shapes. In this way, House of Gray wants the house to respond to all of the senses, for a relaxing experience across the board. The result is an attractive and stylish home that contributes to the health of residents and the planet. The importance of mental and physical well-being has increased exponentially in recent years and the world of architecture is gradually starting to respond to this. Through the successful application of slotogenic design, House of Gray ensured that residents could find happiness in their new interior design. A great achievement, we think.

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