In the fight against queues, you can set the scan time yourself at Schiphol | Economy

From now on you can book a time for the security check in Schiphol. Schiphol wants to improve the flow of travelers in this way. Last year there were long lines, which caused chaos and some even missed their flight.

From now on, passengers can book a time slot for free three days before departure on the Schiphol website and app. Using a QR code, they can then go through a separate security screening entrance on the day of travel, reports airport Thursday.

By making reservations, Schiphol hopes to improve passenger flow. This is very important for the airport, because it had to deal with heavy congestion last year. Due to the lack of staff, many travelers had to wait for hours. The chaos cost CEO Dick his head.

The reservation is only for insurance check. For example, you cannot reserve a time to drop off baggage. Therefore, travelers must ensure that they are ready in time, so that they reach the security checkpoint at the reserved time.

For now, you can only make reservations for travel within the so-called Schengen area. This includes popular holiday destinations such as France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The United Kingdom and Ireland, among others, are not included. Schiphol hopes to make reservations possible for other countries in the near future.

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