In this neighboring country, you now risk up to two years in prison if you take pictures of the accidents | Abroad

Anyone in Germany obstructing emergency services or taking photos of road victims out of curiosity or excitement can expect a fine of € 1,000 or a prison sentence of up to two years from this year.

For emergency responders and rescue workers, road users who take pictures or photograph with their smartphones after accidents are an increasingly serious problem. Not only because braking motorists see traffic jams this way, but also because photographing bystanders makes it difficult for rescuers to reach the wounded.

In the worst case, the emergency services are literally hampered in their work, which means that victims cannot be properly helped with all the consequences that this entails. There are also more and more incidents in which emergency services are overtly exposed to aggression when they ask bystanders to give way and take away their cell phones.

To prevent this problem from getting out of hand, it is German criminal law has been amended at this point. From now on, fines of up to 1,000 euros will be imposed. In extreme cases, a prison sentence of up to two years can also be executed.

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