In this regard, Windows 11 gives more control over the taskbar

The next major feature update for Windows 11 will get a new option called notification area. In addition to the existing options for setting this area, in version 22H2 it will be possible to remove all icons and the full list with hidden icons.

The notification area is the place on the right side of the taskbar where icons of some running applications are displayed. By default, most app icons are hidden behind an arrow. Currently in Windows 10 and Windows 11, you can already indicate which applications you want to always be visible on the taskbar, which is useful if you want to be able to access this program’s options with a single click.

Various setup options, with and without arrow. Photo: Newwin

From Windows 11 22H2, it is also possible to remove the arrow and the icons hiding behind it. The new option can be enabled in the toolbar settings. This leaves only system items like time, date, system volume, etc.

What exactly is the point of this option is debatable. The notification area and the icons in it can be useful for quickly calling up a function from a program, or closing a program. For a less cluttered taskbar, the submenu behind the arrow seems like a good compromise between design and functionality.

Microsoft may simply want to give the user more control over the Windows experience with this option – something that the taskbar location isn’t going to happen anytime soon.


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