IPad Air will get an OLED screen in 2022, and MacBook Air will convert to mini LED

Apple devices will undergo major screen changes. It will be the turn of iPad Air and MacBook Air next year. This is on the schedule.

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Apple screen mapping for iPad and Mac

Lots of people are looking for a new design or completely new functionality with the arrival of new Apple devices. But in practice, the screen is one of the most important parts. For a long time, Apple did relatively little in this area, but that has changed recently.

Well-known Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5mac), Based on his sources, that the new iPad Pro is already switching to small LED screens this year. Other iPads will gradually leave the LCD and be equipped with OLED screens. The IPad Air He will be the first to take this step next year, the analyst says. Then, it will follow the entry-level model for the iPad as well.

This is good news, as OLED is much better than LCD. It has more beautiful colors and can show the deepest black. Apple Watch, IPhone 12All models have an OLED screen.

Mini LED is better than OLED, but it is also more expensive

The Mini LED is slightly better than OLED, so it is not surprising that Apple reserves this type of screen for more expensive devices. It is also more expensive to produce. The big advantage of mini-LED over OLED is that it is less sensitive to combustion.

In addition to iPad, the Mac is getting better as well. The MacBook Pro He will already be moving to this new screen technology, MacBook Air To continue in 2022. Apple is currently working on finalizing the MacBook Pro with an all-new design that introduces this new display panel.

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Want to know more about the differences between mini, mini, and oled bulb? Check out our explanation compressed in the article below.

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