iPad mini 2021 has screen issues

The 2021 iPad mini went on sale just a few weeks ago, but two major screen issues have already surfaced.

Gel swipe on iPad mini 2021 screen

The first problem that came up was “passing jelly”. This is a kind of distortion during scrolling, which is similar to the movement of jelly candy. This problem occurs while using iPad mini in portrait orientation, and was on Twitter Referred to by The Verge editor Dieter Bohn. It seems that the problem appeared with a large number of users.

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According to Apple analysts, the cause of the problem lies in iFixit With the so-called display controller. If you hold your iPad mini upright, it will be on the side of the screen. This refreshes the right half of the screen a split second faster than the left half. This is especially noticeable when scrolling.

Normal for LCD screens

This defect is not new: many LCD panels work the same way. However, the difference in update time is usually on the vertical axis. In other words: the top half of the screen refreshes slightly faster than the bottom half. This is usually not noticeable. If you hold the iPad mini horizontally, this is the case, so there is no jelly scroll. But it is noticeable in portrait mode.

Apple itself states that gel scrolling is a “normal behavior” for LCD screens, and therefore has no plans to remember.

Screen distortion

The second screen problem that has appeared now is the iPad mini glass misalignment. This puts a lot of pressure on the LCD screen if you press a little more hard on the screen. As a result, there Visible spots in the picture.

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Fortunately, this “distortion” effect has so far been limited to a few users iPad mini 2021, thus it is less prevalent than gel scrolling. Apple has not yet responded to the issue.

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Source: 9to5mac

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