IPhone 12 is saved from drowning thanks to innovative MagSafe solution

A man from Berlin dropped his iPhone 12 Pro in one of the channels. He didn’t pick it up after that, but decided to put his MagSafe charger in. Try to access his smartphone using this charger. An ingenious idea, as the charger and iPhone are connected to each other by magnets.

Last weekend, someone managed to drop their iPhone 12 Pro into a channel in Berlin. That was the moment the owner thought: I’ll never see her again. However, as the iPhone 12 continues to sink to the muddy bottom, a great idea has been put forward to save the phone.

iPhone 12 Pro saved with MagSafe charger

Initially, the owner attempted to recover the phone by searching the mud himself, but that did not lead to the desired result. So it was decided to use the MagSafe Charger. This is a magnetic accessory that a smartphone can stick to.

An improvised fishing line was made, for which the MagSafeCharger included. This streak was immediately dropped into the water, hoping the magnet would find the iPhone. And this turns out to be a golden idea, because not long ago the 12 Pro was found and the iPhone was caught.

iPhone works fine

Despite the fact that the iPhone in question had been in water and mud for hours at the time, the device was still working fine. The battery is still nearly full after that. Remarkably, however, the research has also managed to remove another device from the mud: the Nintendo Switch.

Oops: iPhone with MagSafe can affect and even disable the pacemaker

It is not clear how long the key was in the mud. This device clearly did not survive its muddy swimming adventure. Incidentally, the iPhone was also captured from water via a magnet in March. This iPhone has been in a frozen lake for thirty days.


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IPhone 12 is saved from drowning thanks to innovative MagSafe solution

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