iPhone 13 gets a smaller notch thanks to the new design

An image has emerged that may show the interface of the iPhone 13. The screen gets a smaller notch, depending on the design, thanks to the new location of the earbud.

Read on after the announcement.

“ This is what the small iPhone 13 notch looks like ”

Rumors have always been of a smaller score for IPhone 13. The notch is the notch above the screen that houses the sensors in the front Face ID, Front camera and earphone are processed. The last on this list seems to change quite a bit.

If it comes to (via Mac rumors(Leaked image, the earphone head moves to the top edge of the smartphone.) With this, the amplifier disappears from the notch and a larger area is created. This allows the Face ID and front camera sensors to be placed close to each other.

Whether the image actually shows the new iPhone 13 front panel is still a question. It will take at least a few months before the latest iPhones start production. So a lot could change in the meantime.

All iPhone 13 rumors in a row

In addition to the smaller degree, other rumors are also spreading. For example, a file Switch to ProMotion. This is a 120Hz screen technology that we already know from the iPad Pro. With this refresh rate, images are downloaded 120 times per second. The result? Smoother looking animations.

Apple insiders are also expecting the iPhone 13 Contact ID Under the screen. In other words, you can unlock the device by placing your finger on the screen. This is especially interesting because it takes focus off Face ID, which is useful when covering face masks.

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Apple is supposed to announce successors IPhone 12 And iPhone 12 Pro in September. Until then, we will keep you informed of all the rumors.

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