iPhone 14 Pro gets more RAM than all its predecessors

It looks like the iPhone 14 Pro will have 8GB of RAM. This makes the iPhone 14 Pro faster and more powerful than its predecessors – an iPhone has never had so much RAM!

iPhone 14 Pro RAM

According to the Korean Blog Naver, the two most luxurious iPhones of this year – iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max – will have no less than 8 GB of RAM. This rumor seems plausible, because the iPhone Pros of recent years had 6GB and it was time for an update. In addition, there will be a very advanced 48-megapixel camera, which will also require the necessary working memory.

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Non-professional iPhone models tend to have less memory. So the 6.1 inches iPhone 14 The 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max is expected to receive less than 8GB.

Working memory says something about how many tasks you can do on your device at the same time. Apple has never revealed how much RAM it has in its devices. With the iPhone’s RAM, it’s less important than Android’s: less of it is needed, because the iPhone uses memory more efficiently. This is because in iPhone models The software and hardware are developed by Apple, so they are exactly the same.

Anyway: with 8GB of RAM, the iPhone can again measure itself on paper, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S22. Galaxy devices have been equipped with 8GB of RAM since the Galaxy S10 from 2019. By the way, the amount of working memory in iPad Pro 2021 With an M1 chip up to 16GB, depending on the configuration you choose.

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A trustworthy rumor?

Naver says he got the information from Apple’s production chain. The blog claims that the memory parts have now been confirmed, and it appears mass production is already underway.

Is this source reliable? With last year’s iPad mini, their prediction was partly right, but they were also partly wrong. It remains to be seen if they are right: We don’t expect to introduce the iPhone 14 series until September this year.

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Source: via Mac rumors

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