iPhone 14 still progressing despite controversial change

The iPhone 14 is still more powerful than the 13, despite having the same A15 chip. The new model is a step forward.

Ming-Chi Kuo made many Apple followers frown his own news. In March of this year, a well-known Apple analyst reported that the iPhone 14 and 14 Max would get an A15 chip. This is the same processor that the current 13, Pro, and Pro Max are running on. According to the analyst, Pro models will receive only 14 A16 chipsets. His claim was corroborated by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman, who thinks the same thing.

Same A15 chip in iPhone 14?

So it seems like a special change of course for Apple, because all models received a new chip every year. Apple does this for an obvious reason. If the Regular and Pro models have converged in the past few years, the difference will be even greater this year. For example, the new model has a 48-megapixel camera, which requires additional processing power.

A lack of chips was also mentioned as a cause. So far, Apple doesn’t seem to be bothered by it as much as other brands. This appears to be different with the A16 chip.

difference in performance

So it seems that the regular iPhone 14 is getting the same processor as its predecessor. However, according to what The Delicious Apple Company is famous for shrimp Do not be afraid that there is no difference between the old and new version of iPhone. 14 still performs better. The Twitter user mentions the modem and interior design as examples.

We can now only guess what the iPhone 14 looks like from the inside. So we have to deal with rumours. One of them is definitely interesting. For example, there are sources claiming that the iPhone 14 has up to 6GB of RAM. This is 2GB more than the iPhone 13. In addition, the new model gets a new, more efficient modem that also uses less electricity. This in turn benefits battery life.

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iPhone 14 despite the A15 chip is more powerful than its predecessor

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