Iran begins enriching uranium during negotiations on a new nuclear deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in 2018.Image photo AFP

It was shown on Iranian state television on Saturday, where centrifuges were used under the watchful eye of President Hassan Rohani. The timing of this new breach is astonishing: this week, talks began on a new nuclear deal between Iran and five other countries.

These are 164 centrifuges of the IR-6 type and thirty IR-5 centrifuges. The growth is not entirely surprising; The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said earlier this month that Iran had begun enriching uranium with a new type of nuclear decentralization.


This is not the first time Iran has not complied with the agreement, which will stumble since the United States left it in 2018. For example, President Rohani has injected uranium gas into his centrifuges in recent years.

Relations between Iran and the United States deteriorated further in 2020, with the US military assassinating Iranian General Qasim Solomon. Since then, Iran has been even less motivated to respect the nuclear deal.

Talks were held in Vienna this week with Iran, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, China and Russia. The last five are trying to renew the deal following US cancellations and Iranian violations.

The EU Diplomatic Service has said that direct talks between Iran and the United States are not yet close, but that the talks are “progressing” “constructively.”


Recently, Tehran has become less and less concerned about the restrictions imposed on the country’s nuclear program by international agreements. In addition, the country seems to want to put pressure on US President Joe Biden to make concessions when concluding a new nuclear deal.

Biden wants to rejoin the nuclear deal, but the United States wants to lift sanctions on Iran only if the country stops enriching uranium. However, Tehran is demanding that Washington take the first step.

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