Is it healthy to exercise every day? This is what the experts say

You are a fanatic and prefer to exercise every day. The only question is: Is this really that healthy? This is what the experts say.

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Exercising every day is not necessarily good or bad. It just depends on what you mean by sport. Exercising every day is very healthy for your body. Sitting for long periods of time has a negative effect on your health and can eventually lead to obesity and mental problems. Exercising every day ensures a good mood and a fit body. The difference between exercise and sports is that exercise comes naturally and there is no specific goal attached to it. Aerobic exercise requires more energy and this often correlates with a fitness goal.

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Exercising every day is fine, but exercising every day is not according to the experts. There is a good chance that you will overtrain and injure yourself. Your body doesn’t get a chance to recover and fortify. If you become overtrained, you will notice, for example, that you sleep worse and have less motivation to exercise. You will perform less in sports, suffer from aches and pains and feel less hungry. Of course it’s good to exercise, but also take recovery days now and then. These are the days that your body uses to get stronger, and therefore it is definitely not necessary. However, you can go for a half hour walk or clean the house, to get some exercise.

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