Italian villages give you 28,000 euros if you live there…

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s true: many villages in the Italian region of Calabria offer people 28,000 euros to live there and start their own businesses. In this way the authorities hope to prevent mass immigration.

Don’t expect to end up in the bustling cities of the world if you accept the €28,000 offer for a maximum of three years. All Italian villages are sleepy villages in which no more than 2,000 people live, and in recent years more have left than moved in. In other words, there is nothing to try. Beautiful views of the mountains or the sea are included.

With the funds provided, the new residents are expected to start their own businesses in the village. They choose whether to come up with something new or accept proposals from entrepreneurs who are already active there. It can be anything: a restaurant, a farm, a cafe, a store, etc.

Not everyone qualifies: You must be under 40 and ready to move within 90 days of submitting your application. In other words, there is momentum. The hope is that villages will become more attractive as young people and millennials want to roll up their sleeves.

The ultimate goal is to make Calabria a more attractive place to live. Altomonte Mayor Gianpetro Coppola says: CNN That he wanted to do something other than offer houses for one euro, which I’ve heard more and more often in recent years. This should be a holistic experience. Attracting people to live and enjoy the area and give new life to the unused sites of the city.”

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Expect to be able to sign up for the show in one of the coming weeks. More information will follow later. These are the villages of Aieta, Albidona, Civita, Samo e Precacore, Bova, Caccuri, Sant’Agata del Bianco, Santa Severina and San Donato di Ninea.

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