Italy prosecutes a man who did not go to work except for half a million …

An Italian man had not come to work at the Catanzaro City Hospital for 15 years. In that period he earned more than half a million euros in salary. This is not without consequences, as he is being tried for misuse of position and extortion.

An Italian police investigation – appropriately named part-time – shows that the 67-year-old has not been to work since 2005, but received his monthly salary from the Pugliese Ciaccio Hospital. The total amount reached 538,000 euros.

The suspect reportedly threatened the hospital director and ordered her to ignore his absence. The woman eventually retired, and her successor had never noticed the loss of a staff member. Six managers are also being investigated on suspicion of playing a role in covering the absence.

Italian media described the man as “the king of absence.” The man is supposed to have broken the national record for “how long a person can be absent from work.” Absence is a major problem in the Italian public sector. The government tightened a law in 2016 to better address violations, after a number of cases arose. Cameras were used to conduct the investigation. For example, a police officer who lived in the same building he was working in was caught working with his underwear and then went back to sleep.

In 2015, 35 Sanremo City Hall employees who had been tampering with the system for two years were arrested. On the camera, you can see how the employees or their wives used to check in and then go shopping or paddling.

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Correction April 22, 2021. In a previous version, it said it was a monthly sum of 538 €, but it is actually related to a total sum of 538,000 €.

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