Italy’s Lake Garda suffers its worst drought in 15 years

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Lake Garda in northern Italy is suffering from drought. For example, the water level is only thirty centimeters higher than hydrographic zero, while in recent years the average during this period has been from 80 to one hundred centimeters higher. So said Gianluca Genpro, president of Garda Unico, an organization that promotes the lake.

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“The situation needs to be monitored, but at the moment there is no problem in using the lake for activities such as sailing or windsurfing,” she added. For example, the region will currently still score in terms of tourism, assures Ginepro.

However, drought has led to a switch from watercraft to boats on some transport lines between the shores of the lake.

For Lake Garda, this is the worst drought in fifteen years. In 2007 the situation looked less rosy. Then the level was 9.9 cm above hydrographic zero.

Facing the worst drought in 70 years, the Italian government declared a state of emergency in early July in several regions in the north and center of the country.

A European Commission spokesman indicated on Tuesday that the drought in Europe could be the worst in 500 years. The spokesman said that according to preliminary data from the European Drought Observatory, the drought could worsen this year compared to 2018, the worst year since 1540.

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