Ivana Trump buried on Donald Trump golf course: ‘triple tax evasion’

Donald Trump presented plans in 2017 to create several cemeteries on his property at Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster. This immediately raised the astonishment of many American media, such as the American media Washington Post. Trump then stated that he and his family would be buried on the golf course’s first hole.

The first person to be buried in Bedminster, meanwhile, is Trump’s ex-wife Ivana, who died in her home on July 14 at the age of 73 after falling from the stairs. Ivana was the mother of Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump. Their father, Donald Trump, would not have set up the cemetery in Bedminster without reason. It was rumored for some time that he would take advantage of it by avoiding taxes in this way.

Phoebe Wall Howard tweeted that too USA Today. “New Jersey law exempts land used for cemeteries from income, sales and use taxes,” she said. Corporate and inheritance taxes are also exempt. Additionally, property in the cemetery is exempt from sale to collect judgments.” The tax benefit will not apply to the entire golf club.


Trump had previously classified the plot of land as farmland. according to Washington Post He would have paid barely 16 euros a year in taxes on it, while the land would cost him about 80,000 euros a year in taxes.

Tax expert and professor at Dartmouth University, Brooke Harrington, joins reporter Howard. “I was skeptical of the rumors that Trump buried his ex-wife in that sad patch of filth at Bedminster Golf Course in New Jersey just for tax benefits. So I took a look at the New Jersey tax code, folks, it’s triple tax evasion. It’s been wiped out. All taxes on real estate, income and sales.”

Harrington went on to add that the amount of human remains needed to qualify for the tax credit had not been determined. This means that one person will be enough.

Trump has yet to respond to the allegations. There are also other investigations into possible financial fraud by the former president.

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