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Junior Chamber International Tielt is a local division of JCI, the international organization of youth and adventurers. The association organizes many projects, training courses and events along with a healthy dose of entertainment with the aim of working on serious projects with an enjoyable group of friends.

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In the spring of 2021, the JCI Transformers Committee will try to get girls and boys in grades five and six as passionate about science and technology, just as in previous years. “We want to do this by having them build a robot themselves and program it together step-by-step,” says Commission Chairman Maxime Vandeli (25). “In recent years, we have always worked on organizing physical sessions, but due to the current circumstances, we switched to a lending service. The goal is to build a robot and connect electronic devices within four weeks. We guide children through a series of videos, give them different tasks and provide assistance with Programming. We present the concept in three periods for nine children each. The first period started on February 13, with a moment of change after a month. The last period starts on April 10. During the different periods, JCI volunteers will help the children develop their robot project. Challenge The various missions are also related to the challenge. “After completing the challenge, the children will be in touch with technical skills such as mechanics, electronics and programming. We have already received great photos of the achievements of the participants in the first round. Our steering committee will evaluate the applications and the final winner will receive a voucher of 50 euros.” JCI is convinced that this is It will enable children to make a well thought out scholastic decision. “We allow them to have a taste of technology and we want to get them excited about the wonderful world of science. We get support for our project from various local companies. They are sponsoring groups because they are convinced that young talent can be discovered this way. There are many companies in Tieltse that are constantly looking for strong technology profiles.” . JCI adapters can count on a lot of attention. “A week after registration opened, places were already full. That is why we are now looking to see if we can offer a few additional sessions.” (Television)

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