John issued an ‘order’ banning Bercow from Parliament because he has been bullying his staff for years

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An independent inquiry has described the former British House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow, as a “serial bully” and a liar. As a result of the investigation, he was no longer allowed to enter Parliament. It appears that “if he were still an MP, he would have been expelled from the House of Commons”.


John Bercow served as Speaker of the House of Commons for ten years. During parliamentary debates on Brexit, he gained international fame for his interventions, loudly urging MPs to “System, order!”

The investigation shows that his behavior towards parliamentarians was “substandard”. Watchman about the message. It is said that he regularly called out names and insulted the staff, and in a fit of anger threw his phone at the secretary. He supported at least 21 of 35 complaints from former employees against him. The report stated that “the accused’s behavior was so serious that he should have been acquitted” and “it is now recommended that he not enter Parliament again”.

Berko himself calls the research “amateur.” He claims that the complainants opposed his attempt to modernize Parliament. “This investigation, which lasted 22 appalling months at a high cost to taxpayers, failed miserably,” she said.

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