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John Osoff of the Democratic Party of Georgia won his Senate election Democrats Senate control over the opening of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Osof’s victory over David Bertue, called by the Associated Press late on Wednesday, and follows fellow people Democrat Rafael Warnock wins Against current Kelly Lofler.

With the victories of Osaf and Warnock, The U.S. Senate It is now 50-50.

Kamala Harris, who was elected vice president, will receive 51 votes, giving Democrats control of the room for the first time since 2015.

A pastor who spent the past 15 years in the Atlanta church where Martin Luther King Jr. preached, Warnak’s victory makes him the first black senator in his state history.

These results are a strong condemnation of Donald Trump, who made one of his final trips Georgia To mobilize his loyal base behind the state Republican candidates.

In an emotional speech early Wednesday morning, Warnock vowed to work for all Georgians whether they voted for him or not, citing his personal experience with the American dream. His mother, he said, would pick up “someone else’s cotton” as a teenager.

“The other day, because it was the United States, the 82-year-old man who used to pick someone else’s cotton chose his youngest son to be the senator of the United States,” he said. “Tonight, we have proven our faith, hard work and people on our side. Nothing is possible.”

The Democrats won the Senate election with a strong coalition of black voters, young voters and new arrivals to a rapidly diversified state, overthrowing the long-dominated GOP and seizing control. U.S. Senate.

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‘I will be for you’: Thanks to John Osof Georgia for closing the election – Video

Black voters cast 32% of the vote, a slight increase from the presidential election two months ago, according to AP VoteCast. As of November, almost all – 94% of the vote was for Democrats. According to a poll of 3,700 voters in the run – off elections, 60% of Democrats are black voters.

Voters under the age of 45 also broke for Democrats, a group of suburban voters, women, low-income voters and voters who have lived in the state for less than five years, with 60% of the vote for Democrats.

The coalition closely echoed the handing over of Georgia’s Electoral College votes to Joe Biden, the first Democratic president to win the state since 1992. In defeating Republicans Kelly Lofler and David Berdu, Democrats will get half the seats in the House, with President-elect Kamala Harris serving as vice-tie-breaker.

The high-stakes run attracted hundreds of millions of dollars, media attention and a major regulatory effort. The result was a game of inches – both Republicans and Democrats had a large turnout since November, the poll showed, but Democrats did somewhat better in pushing their voters to the polls.

GOP candidates won a majority – almost three-quarters – of white voters and 60% of voters 65 and over. They also captured the majority of voters earning $ 75,000 or more. In recent times that coalition would have been enough to keep Bertie and Lofler in the Senate. But the figures have changed and an enthusiastic Democrats have turned the table.

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