Jose Mourinho appears to be texting Dele Alli and says ‘the door will always be open’ after the recent Tottenham snap

As another step in his Spurs transformation, Nompel restored Spurs’ two-goal lead with an outrageous slump on the outside of his opener from a tight angle on Bramal Lane.

The Frenchman’s Tottenham future was uncertain when he was frequently criticized by Mourinho last season.

But Noble looks like a different player this season, with England midfielder Allie, who was dropped from the squad at Sheffield United, now on the edge.

When asked about Nobel’s revival following Sunday’s victory, Mourinho put forward a clear message that any player would like to make a similar comeback if they want to try.

“I always feel guilty when a player does not perform, as I always say, and I always feel that he is responsible for what a player performs,” ​​Mourinho told Sky Sports.

“I think he is a great example [the fact that] With me, the door is always open. The door is always open when a player wants to come in the direction of the team, even during a difficult period last season. On the other side of that door is the team. If the player wants to walk through that door, it will always be open. He realized it, and is having a good season with some great shows like today.

“He’s playing 90 minutes now, his mental and physical condition lasting 90 minutes. Excellent quality of managing, but now that he’s managed that mentality, that physical condition and being a fantastic player I hope he can be a fantastic player.”

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