Judge decides: No more alternative in the evening and on Sunday in Club Brugge due to noise pollution

Mister van Cooter argues for a better legal framework, so that not every nuisance neighbor has to go to court. “On the Flemish level, Minister Saturn Demir (N-VA) must take the lead,” he says.

A Brugge Alderman from Sport Franky Demon (CD&V) has also asked Demir to intervene and provide a legal framework as soon as possible. “Minister Demir should provide regulations that reconcile sports fun and night sleep for the local population,” he says in a press release. “Without legal certainty, the sport is at risk, with all the consequences for operators and players.”

Minister Demir’s government bounces the ball back. “Slipping hot chips into Flanders because you don’t dare decide something within your powers, that’s not the intention,” he sounds sharp. “In the Flemish Parliament, members of Mr. Dimon’s party support the autonomy of the municipalities and do not want freedom to be curtailed, also in the post of Padel.”

According to Demir’s cabinet, the municipalities have all the necessary tools to intervene. It appears that “they can grant, deny or revoke permits”. “They can also set regulations that impose restrictions when necessary. You have to dare to use these tools alone.”

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