Keert Powells: The next step in the development strategy is to acquire a Rotterdam train operator

Linnaeus acquired Independent Rail Partner (IRP), a private train operator specializing in ‘first and last mile services’ in the Rotterdam region. The Belgian rail freight operator is strengthening its position in the port of Rotterdam with the acquisition.

With the acquisition of IRP, Linnaeus is taking the next step in its European growth strategy. Linas recently expanded its Green Express network with links to Vorarlberg and Poland, bringing the network to a total of 23 locations across Europe.

“We are moving towards greater partnerships and acquisitions, starting with countries around us, such as Germany and France. We already live in France, but have a lot more to gain in Germany.” More likely to see, ”General Director Kirt Powell’s sister told Business Magazine

Independent Rail Partner

Independent Rail Partner is an independent rail freight operator. It was founded in 2011 and is located in Switzerland. The company has a strong presence in the port of Rotterdam and provides services to other train operators. The Independent Rail Partner has 35 employees and 12 engines.

Linnaeus and IRP have been working together for many years, but by acquiring and integrating their operations, Linnaeus expects to offer its customers the best solutions such as short lead times, new operational possibilities and new express connections from Rotterdam. “Integrating IRP’s strong local expertise with Linnaeus’ European network provides customers with quick, easy, reliable, and ultimate first-hand solutions between Western ports and other parts of Europe, ”Linnaeus said.

Linnaeus, which acquired NMPS ‘freight operations, has a headquarters in Brussels, the Belgian capital, and branches in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. The carrier handles more than 2,000 people, and the company has 250 engines and 7,000 wagons.

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