Kenny de Kettle: “Track is a university of racing, where young riders can excel.”

Kenny de Kettle Last month, six days after Gentin, he hung up his bike proverbially. With numerous titles, including two world titles in team racing in 2012 and two fourth places in the Olympics, he can look back with satisfaction.

Never before has he been given the status of the best riders on the road. Elaine Bering – who was also a guest at The Tribune – thought it was time to do it right. “In my opinion de Gittele is one of the most undervalued industries in Belgium.”

“If the two fourth places he won at the Olympics were a medal, we would all see it differently. No medal or medal makes a big difference in feeling.”

“It’s an enormous specialty,” de Gitteley said. “A lot has changed over the years. Where flexibility was particularly important, now it is coming to strength. We Belgians are still looking for balance.”

University of Cycling

Three weeks after retiring as a track cyclist, de Kettle is still an ardent defender of his love.

Agility, intensity, explosiveness, … these are the basic conditions for success on the slopes. The versatility now shown by Wout van Aert, Mathieu van der Poel or Tom Pidcock will help improve the track. “For me, track cycling is the university of cycling,” De Kettel said.

“Young riders can really benefit. They should see riding on the track as a challenge. The road is also much safer than the road.”

“We’ve recently seen that in many classic road races, a back road on the track, cross or mountain bike is a good path to a better life,” says De Kettel. “So, as a 22-year-old, why not try to focus on mountain biking or Olympic participation on the slopes? From there you can advance on the road.”

Why not try as a 22-year-old to focus on mountain biking or Olympic participation on the slopes? From there you can easily advance to the road.

It did not happen in de Kettle. The love on the slopes was so much more than that. “A person who is fully focused on the road is not always able to do 100 percent of what it takes to ride a road bike.”

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“Riders like Filippo Khanna, Michael Morkov or Elijah Viviani are exceptions. I don’t deserve that.”

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