Kevin Janssens and Ruth Pickwart become a psychology couple…

Dominique Deruddere (center) and his new film crew. Left to right: Taeke Nicolaï, Renée Vanderjeugd, Ruth Becquart and Kevin Janssens. © Joe Voights / Savage Film

Kevin Jansens and Ruth Pickwart, together with the young actress from Antwerp, Tyke Nikolai, will play the main roles in a church. The new film, directed by Dominic Dreder, will be released in theaters next year.

Dominique Deruddere started recording his new movie this week a church, who also wrote the script for him himself. It will be a psychological drama set in the arena of the world-famous Queen Elizabeth competition. Young pianist Jennifer absolutely wants to win, but she must contend with her childhood demons – more specifically a manipulative and controlling mother – to achieve her goal.

Antwerp actress Taiki Nikolai (Tasty) He takes the lead role, and the young Renee Vandergood plays the role of young Jennifer. Kevin Janssens and Ruth Pickwart play her parents. Josse De Pauw will also be featured in the movie. The shooting will continue until mid-October. In the fall of 2022, a church I walk to the cinemas. (duo)

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