Kidnapping and wounding of a driver after a violent chase begins in our country | Abroad

She headed after a chase and was kidnapped and eventually shot: a chauffeur undertook a hellish adventure that began in our country, news site France Bleu knows.

The strange script seems to have been snatched from the best thriller. At about 9 p.m. Sunday, a wild hunt began in Wasmis, near Bergen. The two cars drove at high speed for fifty kilometers. They crossed the border into France and fired shots.

In Toufflers, one of the vehicles overturned. When emergency services arrived, they found only one passenger (22). She was taken to Rubix Hospital for minor injuries to her back.

But what is remarkable is that she mentioned that her boyfriend, who was driving the car, had been kidnapped. The man in question was released Monday morning. He appeared to have been hit by a bullet. The exact circumstances of this strange event have not been clarified.

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