La Blockbuster at Ter Duinen Nursing Home in Nieuwpoort due to Coronavirus infection –

Blockbuster, which was scheduled to take place on Monday March 15 in the afternoon at Ter Duinen’s care facility in Nieuwpoort, has been canceled as part of the Week of Care.

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Blockbuster can be watched live on Monday March 15th and will allow the many people who have to deal with Healthcare and / or Ter Duinen to speak. But since the end of last week, many residents have been infected with the Coronavirus and want to avoid a real breakthrough. The entire population as well as volunteers and staff, including those who had already been vaccinated, were tested. For the time being, all visits have stopped and clothes or groceries can be delivered to the main entrance. The administration says these are far-reaching measures, but says they are necessary to protect sometimes extremely vulnerable populations.

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