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good morning. Boris Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings is set to leave 10th place later this year. The BBC’s political editor Laura Queensberg got the story last night. Like Cummings, nothing is always straightforward and the record never says he’s going. He said, Show quotes, His position has not changed since he said in January that he would like to be massively fired from his position by the end of this year. But so was Queensberg Conversation with “Senior No. 10 Source” He said Cummings would be out by Christmas, and the news was widely reported this morning, including by journalists close to Cummings.

Why is this important? Well, when Boris Johnson Ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party, who ran as a relatively major Tory. Johnson said the only real policy difference between him and his main rival, Jeremy Hunt, was that the UK would leave the EU on October 31, 2019. (It’s not.) Johnson said nothing about hiring Cummings, the director of the war and controversial ballot campaign. In fact, some MPs were even told that Cummings would not get a job in the Johnson administration.

But then, when he became prime minister, Johnson immediately established Cummings as the most powerful aide at No. 10, and appointed a large number of Cummings’ voting colleagues to run the policy, all the other down Downing Street. In many respects it is more of a ballot administration than a Conservative administration.

It worked brilliantly for Johnson in the 2019 general election, winning well with Cummings’ “Get Brexit Tone” campaign center. But, in administrative terms, the voter registration is different. Even its supporters admit that the team sometimes struggled to rule effectively. Its critics say it was a disaster.

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That’s why Cummings ’departure is important following the announcement of the resignation of his ally Lee Cain on Wednesday night; This will mark the moment of restoration for the government, which will be transformed into something completely different. Or you can call this “designing” They say in the United States.

Here is our story about Cummings departure.

what is this Grand Shops, Secretary of Transportation, told Sky News this morning.

As [Cummings] He wrote in his own words earlier this year that he planned to fire himself heavily this year, with the big thing he had worked on, of course, which was Brexit, coming to an end at the end of the transition period, which was December 31st.

Of course, the other big thing is that it helps to confirm that we have a mass test to defeat this virus. Both of these things are now at close range.

He will miss, but again we are moving to another point, there will be Brexit, we have already left Europe, but the period of change is over, and things are moving and advisers are coming and going.

I will cover all the reactions to Cummings departure this morning.

But this is also an important day for corona virus news and I will include it here as well. At 12 noon we will receive the latest Govt surveillance survey of the ONS, as well as R, the government’s latest estimate R, the reproduction number and the growth rate.

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