Large Turkish wedding halted by fires: “Hundreds of people …

Tamer Yuksel, 42, from Haarlem, Netherlands, lives with his wife and five children at a large holiday resort in Alanya. The newlyweds had to cancel a big wedding with relatives and hundreds of guests who attended on Saturday night. He says a holiday on the Turkish coast can go on “very normal” despite the ash

“We were there for a huge wedding on Saturday,” Tamer told De Telegraaf from his hotel. “It is not easy to cancel such a big party with hundreds of foreign guests, even in the event of a fire. For the newlyweds, it must be the most beautiful day of their lives.”

However, many people did not feel comfortable, says Tamer: “It grew in the evening. Local staff and especially musicians were increasingly checking their phones. Their homes were under fire. And then the newlyweds decided to stop the party out of respect for everyone but especially for the victims. Moment Sad. Hundreds of people had to be taken off the dance floor. But respect and sympathy should be extremely important in these matters. And everyone understood that very well.”

On the Sunday after the wedding was canceled, the family is still trying to enjoy their holiday, and they are also worried about Local people: “We can still do everything here. It’s the worst for the locals. For us, there is some inconvenience with ash coming down everywhere, even in the pool. Staff work day and night to keep everything clean. And the sky is dark with smoke. We see Also fire extinguishers, since today also from the Turkish army, as well as from the Russian army. So the inconvenience is still under control. We are especially grateful for the tremendous efforts to keep us safe. “

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