Lee McNicholas joins Lifted Entertainment as Creative Director, North

Lee McNicholas joins Lifted Entertainment as Creative Director, North

Angela Jayne has unveiled Lifted Entertainment, the new name for ITV Studios Entertainment, as the brand leads another strong year.

Label is developing new prime-time beta software for ITV’s secret gaming show

March 15, 2021 Lee McNicholas will join Lifted Entertainment as Creative Director, North Syco Entertainment, where he has served as Creative Director and Executive Producer for the past ten years. Joins McNicolas as managing director Angela Jane, revealing Lifted Entertainment as the new name for ITV Studios behind some of its biggest award-winning entertainment shows, including I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here! , Love island, ice dance, sound, countdown, university challenge And the Takeaway on Saturday nights from Ant & Dec

As Creative Director at North, McNicholas will create and lead production and development to pay commissions. It will be based on Lifted Entertainment’s northern base at MediaCityUK, where it produces a host of highly successful shows, including Correct rendering For ITV, University challenge For BBC2 and countdown – With new host Ann Robinson – for Channel 4. Last year the team also produced the documentary Abortion: Our Story For channel 5.

MacNicolas will work with Angela and the incredible creative talent at Lifted Entertainment, including Director of Entertainment, Richard Cowles, creative directors Tom Gold and Fiona Clark, and Kat Hepden, Head of Development.

MacNolas oversaw both British talent And the By X FactorBesides playing a major role in the international introduction of both forms. As Executive Producer, McNicholas is responsible for all aspects of production starting with her first casting, overseeing the UK’s largest television production and running live shows.

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Prior to joining Syco, where he also worked with development teams to create new formats for the UK and US markets, McNicholas worked on a variety of shows, including Channel 4. How clean is your house BBC From the apprentice

As the brand enters its new era, Lifted Entertainment will also be put into production Show secret games, New ITV lead pilot hosted by comedian W. to The mysterious singer Host Joel Dumet. The show is an entertaining new development of hidden camera, in which celebrities compete for bragging rights as they perform daring hidden camera acts to trick unsuspecting spectators into helping them. For celebs, it’s a chance to beat each other. For the crowd, it’s an opportunity to make money off showing games that they never knew they were a part of.

Show secret games She joins a list that includes not only some of the UK’s most watched shows, but also the world’s most popular formats, with Love island And the I’m a celebrity .. Get me out of here! – Both are manufactured by Lifted Entertainment – they are operated in 30 international markets in between.

[Pictured: Lee McNicholas]

Angela Jane, MD, Lifted EntertainmentHe said: “He has brought me a wealth of experience and expertise in mega entertainment shows around the world, which, when added to the depth of our fantastic creative team here in Manchester, means that it is ideally positioned to take the next phase of growth in the future. The world. North. Not. I doubt he will be a leader, inspiring, generous and friendly who shares our values ​​and our vision for the future.

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“With hope approaching, it seems that we all need to throw out our real life now. A lot of the shows we produce bring joy and escape from reality, and that’s something I believe in. Show secret games frequently. The past year has given us all the opportunity to focus on the future like no other in 12 months. We responded to those challenges with creativity, design, flexibility, efficiency and production during the shutdown, something we couldn’t have done without our amazing team. The future revolves around more of these award-winning, reusable global brands, and we are excited about the world of opportunity. “

McNicolas told me:As a teenager growing up in Liverpool, I remember going on a tour of Granada Studios and someday thinking I wanted to work here. When I think that after all these years I will join the great team in Manchester, it is a dream that has come true. I am a huge fan of everything Lifted Entertainment produces and I hope to add more songs to their truly amazing list. “

Lifted Entertainment is home to some of the most watched TV shows. The latest series I’m a celebrity .. Get me out of here!Filmed for the first time in the UK at the age of 20s A copy of the show and brought records of over 25 million requests on the ITV Hub. Love island It is the most watched show ever on ITV2 Saturday Night Takeaway from Ant & Dec’s, It was produced with Miter Entertainment and returned last month for its seventeenth series, with 8.5 million viewers following the release episode.

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