Lichtervelde wants to win again in a 10,000-step showdown: ‘Special record-breaker of 2020’

As usual every year, the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living and Flanders Sport will also organize the 10,000-step showdown in 2021. More than 200 Flemish municipalities and Brussels challenge each other to get as many residents as possible to get out. Lichtervelde has already won many copies as the winner in the Central West Flanders area. This year, too, they aim to have the highest scaffold.

Our actions have been restricted for some time in the fight against the Coronavirus, but fortunately we are still allowed to walk. And it’s also good, because walking is good for both mental and physical health: it makes you happier, breathe healthy air and is the perfect fat burner. It is said that walking is better than jogging or walking to shed excess weight. Good news for those who do not like intense physical exertion. Plus it’s free, you can do it anywhere, alone or in a group, and it’s easier to maintain compared to many other sports and you’re less likely to get injured. Benefits only!

We invite all residents to join en masse

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There is only one caveat: You have to walk a few kilometers to see results. Japanese researcher Dr. Yoshiro Hatano came to the conclusion that people walk at a rate of 6000 steps per day. However, in order to lead a healthy life, that should actually be 10,000 per day. These additional 4,000 steps correspond to roughly half an hour of brisk walking. The Flemish Institute for Healthy Living and Flanders Sport have started working on these findings and have been organizing the 10,000-step confrontation since 2014. More than 200 Flemish municipalities and Brussels are trying to motivate their residents to take as many steps as possible in one month. The municipality with the most steps at the end of the trip wins the cup. Until its fifth victory, Lichtervelde took the most steps in 2020, with at least 7,625 kilometers per inhabitant, within the Midwest Flanders region and was already there fourth time as a winner. Also this year, Lichtervelden residents get their walking shoes from under the dust. Ships Sport Els Kindt (CD&V): “This year, we are on our way to winning again and of course we want to break our record from 2020. So we are calling on all residents to register and join collectively.” Anyone who is already participating in the clash of 10,000 steps is a brand new honorary citizen and ambassador for this campaign Gilbert Desmitt (90), a former cycling champion with a passion The 10,000-step showdown will take place in May. You can register via

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