“Life in the UK may take six months to return to normal” | abroad

It could take six months or more for life to return to normal in the UK. This is what Jenny Harries, UK Vice President of Health Services said.

Harry said this did not necessarily mean that the British would be in lockdown for six months. “But it would be dangerous to lift the restrictions completely in one fell swoop, as that could revive the virus,” he said.

“We’re going to do an assessment of things every three weeks for the next six months to see if certain restrictions can be eased little by little,” Harry said.

A message from Johnson
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has written a letter that will soon reach 30 million British families. “We know that the condition will get worse before it gets better,” the letter said. “We are making the right preparations. The more we follow the rules, the fewer lives you will lose and the sooner we return to normal life.”

The prime minister himself is infected with the Coronavirus. He announced earlier this week that he was showing mild symptoms. He works in home isolation and works from there. Crown Prince Charles was also injured.

Closed since Monday
Last Monday, the British government announced a national lockdown for at least three weeks. All non-essential stores have been closed, and public gatherings of more than two people are prohibited.

In the United Kingdom, 1,228 people have died so far due to the effects of the Coronavirus. The number of confirmed injuries stands at 19,522.

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