Little holiday fun for Russian officials due to Western sanctions and Kremlin oversight | outside

It does not include the stricter travel restrictions and supervision of the highest-ranking Russian civil servants who are a little lower in the hierarchy. They often spend their summer holidays in countries like Turkey, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and Moldova, reports Vyorstka. Remarkably, officials advise against posting travel photos on social media. Their children have also been told not to. This is in order not to fuel discontent among the Russian population. In particular, the famous Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin criticized wealthy women and their children who travel to Paris and London to shop and party, while the children of many ordinary people die on the Ukrainian battlefield.

Despite Western sanctions and visa restrictions, children and relatives of high-ranking Russian officials still spend their holidays abroad, to destinations in Europe or Asia, for example.

Bali, which is popular with Russians, now has other problems. Balinese authorities have called for the termination of visa-on-arrival for Russians and Ukrainians for misconduct, visa overstaying, and illegal work. The Ukrainians argue that it is mainly the Russians who are misbehaving.

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