Liz Truss said ‘no’ to Brexit, but she can now negotiate for the British in Brussels

She voted against Brexit in 2016, but has turned out to be a staunch supporter of Brexit. And now Liz Truss can join the negotiating table in Brussels as the successor to Brexit Secretary David Frost. Unlike Frost, she will combine her job with the Secretary of State she has held since September.

Because of this function, Truss is no longer unknown in Brussels. But also before that, as Minister for International Trade, she could have been found outside the UK as much as possible. Travel gears the world toGlobal Britain‘, to give a personal face to the new British foreign strategy.

In doing so, she has tried to win as many trade deals as possible by convincing her colleagues abroad that the UK also deserves a place on the world stage after Brexit. Opinions differ on whether it worked. But in any case, Truss has yet to be caught in many gaffes, which is partly why she has risen to prominence in the Conservative Party.

Just like Thatcher on a tank

This is while the right-wing politics have not been taught to her. Truss was raised in a left-wing environment in Leeds. Her father was a math teacher, and her mother was a nurse who took Liz to anti-nuclear demonstrations. “Maggie, get out!” Truss chanted on the occasion of then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Later, the “Iron Lady” became the inspiration for Truss. She recently posed for pictures of herself in the same pose in a tank as Thatcher in 1986 while visiting West Germany.

Margaret Thatcher toured a tank during her visit to West Germany in 1986.AP . image

This political change of color began at Oxford, where Truss studied political science, philosophy, and economics, and where she became head of the student wing of the Liberal Democrats. After graduation, she moved to the right, joined the Conservative Party and worked for Shell and the right-wing think tank Reform, among others. She joined the House of Commons in 2010, after which she quickly made a political career.

She held the positions of Secretary of State for Education, Minister of Environment and Justice, Deputy Minister of Finance, and Minister of Commerce in 2019. She also combined the latter position with the Women and Equality portfolio, expressing little interest in the Awakening movement. According to Truss, it’s time to embrace the history of “all the trimmings” and take pride in the fact that the UK is “the greatest country on Earth”. A country that could be led by gears in the future was tentatively proposed here and there in her party.

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