Long traffic jams due to Storm Aurore, RMI warns in yellow of storm surge and even symbol orange for the coast: ‘Storm damage is possible’ | Weather News

Due to Storm Aurore, RMI has declared code yellow for the entire country between 5 AM and 3 PM this afternoon. Code orange applies to the coast. Locally, this can lead to wind damage, because the trees are still in the leaves, warns RMI. On the highways to and from Antwerp, there are long traffic jams due to inclement weather. “Today is going to be a windy day with strong winds of up to 90 km/h, and in some places it can reach 100 km/h,” says our weather forecaster Frank Dubucage. “During the morning, the wind strength decreases. There are also showers that travel across our country from west to east. Temperatures are much lower than yesterday, in many places only about 9 degrees.”

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Because of the storm, two trucks overturned on the E19 motorway towards Holland, near the border. In Schoten and Brasschaat, the tree always ended up on the road. The storm also caused damage in the port of Antwerp. Several containers exploded at Pier 913.

from Brussels Fire Brigade Last night, 23 interventions were carried out due to strong winds and showers. It included 14 uprooted trees, two flooded streets, and seven dangerous objects.

Since this morning, no trains have run between Geraardsbergen and Hainaut Enghien, due to suspected overhead wire damage. The problem is in the territory Galmardin.

Due to the inclement weather, there are also problems with train traffic on the Brussels-Amsterdam express line and on the line to Amsterdam this morning. Ubang in the province of Luxembourg. Problems on the railway line to Aubange only affect freight traffic.

In addition, at night from Wednesday to Thursday, there were Luxembourg Trees on paths due to strong winds. Train traffic stopped for a while, but has since resumed.

also in Holland Last night’s strong winds caused major problems. Police, firefighters and other emergency services are busy with smashed fences, trees and flying roof tiles.

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Gusts of up to 110 km/h

Today the weather will be variable to partly cloudy with periods of rain and rain. Thunder bombing possible in the south of the country. The westerly winds are initially moderate to moderately strong, and are locally strong with gusts of 60 to 80 km/h, and at sea temporarily between 90 and 110 km/h. In the afternoon the wind turns northwest and loses its strength. It will be cooler with a maximum temperature of 8 to 12 degrees.

A little rain is possible in the east of the country next night, and in other places the bulk of it will be removed. During the night it will be dry all over with ample clear periods in most places. The winds will be light to moderate in speed from west to southwest and moderate to severe from west to northwest by the sea. In the valleys of the Ardennes it can freeze in places. In the center of the country, the lower bounds fluctuate between 2 and 5 degrees. Near the sea we still get about 10 degrees.

code orange

RMI announced Code Orange on the Coast last night. In the second part of the night, wind gusts can reach 110 and even 120 kilometers per hour, due to very strong and gusty northwest winds. An orange symbol means that damage or disturbance on a larger scale is possible and traffic could encounter serious obstacles. RMI calls the orange code to be set up and follow the advice of the relevant authority.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is also expecting tides in the Zeychild Basin this afternoon. As a result, the yellow code is applied in Antwerp and East Flanders, where vigilance is advised. At around 5 pm this afternoon, the expected water level for the Zeeschelde River in Antwerp is +6.55 to +6.75 metres. Sea levels are also expected to rise, just below the first warning threshold, although this is not ruled out.

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Strong winds in neighboring countries

Our neighbors will also have to deal with high winds. According to the German weather service, a storm will ravage the country and winds may blow at 150 kilometers per hour. At the start of the week, Germans can still enjoy warm temperatures of up to 25 degrees max in some parts of the country. However, winds will bring temperatures down to around 12°C in the coming days.

A strong wind is blowing over France. It will rain in the coming days in the country and there is a possibility of thunderstorms. According to forecasts, the maximum temperatures will be from 14 to 19 degrees Celsius in the following days.

UK residents will then have to bring an extra jacket. Thus, the country is preparing for a severe cold wave. In the north of England the temperature drops to 2 degrees, and in the British capital, London, to 6 degrees. Freezing temperatures are even expected in certain parts of Scotland, and snowfall is out of the question.

Our northern neighbors have to make do with rainy weather and the chance of a few thunderstorms, perhaps accompanied by hail. The southwest wind is moderate and strong at times. Wind gusts of up to about 80 kilometers per hour can occur in coastal areas.


Due to bad weather, the indoor FPS has temporarily activated 1722 for non-urgent assistance. For storm or water damage that is not life-threatening, but requires the help of firefighters, people can submit a request via the electronic counter www.1722.be or call 1722. This way, the emergency number 112 for potentially life-threatening situations is not overburdened.

FPS calls for preferential use of the electronic counter. This “appears to avoid having to stay on the line for a long time before you get a communication operator on the line”. “After all, sometimes phone lines become saturated when many people are calling at the same time. An application via the electronic meter is handled by the fire service in the same way as calling 1722. You will therefore not be helped any faster if you call 1722.” No. Emergency 112 is for life-threatening situations.

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emergency weather
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Forecast for the coming days

morning Start the day with broad clear periods in many places, but gradually increase clouds from the north. It will then be variable to cloudy at times and in the afternoon and evening there will be a few showers. We get maximum degrees of 7 to 9 degrees in the relief of the Ardennes and 10 to 12 degrees in the west of the country. The weather is stormy in the sea. There are rather strong westerly winds, turning to the northwest, and the inland winds are moderate to strong at times from a southwesterly direction, heading to the west. The wind blows at a speed of 50 to 65 km / h.

Saturday It will be calm and partly cloudy. It will still be as good as dry, although not completely ruling out a local shower. Maximum temperatures range between 8 degrees in the high mountains and 13 to 14 degrees in the sea. The winds are mainly light and moderate in the direction of the sea from the south to the southeast.

Sunday It is very sunny with high clouds. It will stay dry at a maximum of about 9 to 10 degrees in the Ardennes and 12 to 14 degrees in Flanders. The winds are usually moderate from the south.

Tree on the road in Schouten.
Tree on the road in Schouten. © Marc de Roque

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Aurore also caused damage in the center of Kortrijk:

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