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They see seals every day, but dolphins? Then also a school of at least fifty animals. This is for the ship’s crew tornado From the shipping company Noordgat from Terschelling in the Netherlands, which is a rarity. This morning, bottlenose dolphins swam with the ship about 25 kilometers north of Vadden Island. “They had so much fun!”

look. Dozens of dolphins swim on a ship in the North Sea

A special moment for Dutch skipper Arjen de Boer and his crew this morning in the North Sea. On the way from Terschelling Island to the northern gas platform, at least fifty dolphins swam with their ship for several minutes. “We’ve been sailing in this area for 23 years, but I’ve never seen this before. On the way to the gas platform I noticed unusual waves around 9:30 a.m. There’s almost no wind, so I wondered what it was. Then I saw dolphins jumping out of the water Great sight. Normally you’d have to go on holiday for this, because you never see this in the North Sea.

At least fifty

The skipper slowed down to photograph the animals and saw that they were having a good time. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to take clear photos, but he did make a short magical video. “There were dozens, at least fifty,” he says. They loved to swim and jump in the rough waves of the ship. The bottlenose dolphins swam for about ten minutes, then the group headed east as we continued north. I have no idea where they are now, but it was nice to try them out. We are used to seals here, as well as porpoises. But we don’t see bottlenose dolphins very often, and certainly not many at the same time.

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We went crazy when we watched the video. In fact, we have never seen such a large group together in the North Sea.

SOS Dolphin Foundation

Great enthusiasm

And at SOS Dolfijn, the Dutch center for cetacean knowledge and rescue, they are, if possible, more excited about the sighting than Skipper Arjen himself. “this is real Brainstorming. We went crazy when we saw the video from the people of Nordgate Shipping Company. In fact, we have never seen such a large group together in our North Sea.

“It’s about the bottlenose dolphin, which is the most famous species of dolphin,” explains Annemarie van den Berg, director of SOS Dolfijn. “They are powerful social animals that enjoy swimming on a ship.”

Bottlenose dolphins are playful animals that can be recognized by their gray color.
Bottlenose dolphins are playful animals that can be recognized by their gray color. © ADN Photo Editors

Nice swimming water

According to Van den Berg, it cannot be said whether an increase in water temperature was the reason behind the school swimming over the Terschelling at this location. “It’s summer and the weather is nice, so the water temperature isn’t bad for bottlenose dolphins, averaging 20 degrees.”

“This type of dolphin is not only known for swimming in warm waters, for example, in 2019, a group was also observed near Texel (another Wadden Island, ed.).” “These bottlenose dolphins came from the waters near Scotland and swam towards Denmark, where the water temperatures are not tropical either. We will see in the coming years whether they will be spotted more often. Again, such a large group together is special for this location.” “I see animals of all ages in the video, and I see a whole family on the road.”

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