Lose weight cheaply and eat healthy: How can you do it?

Obesity is prevalent in the North-Holland region A growing problem, according to the latest figures. More than half of the residents of municipalities such as Den Helder, Hollands Krone and Enkhuizen are overweight. In Den Helder, one in five people is obese (BMI greater than 30).

In the obesity clinic of the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk they have one of these 700 stomach reduction operations annually. But that doesn’t necessarily make it the final solution, says internist and endocrinologist Susan Linger-Weaver of Northwest Hospital, who also emphasizes the risks. Weight loss, no matter how trite it may sound, ultimately begins with lifestyle modification, according to doctors.

Chair exercises

But is this also possible without expensive tools? In municipalities where obesity is common, many residents suffer from limited resources. Annelise Tolsma, nutritionist at the ToV Nutrition Clinic in Enkhuizen, experiences this every day in her work. Especially for people with financial problems. It also results in much less exercise. There is simply less money to join a gym or sports club.

“Take the stairs or ride your bike often. If you take the bus, get off one stop early. Exercise doesn’t have to cost money at all, but can be done in your home or around you. To exercise three times a week, just walk For 15 minutes, which provides you with the necessary exercise and helps you relax. We also become less active due to sedentary occupations. Tolsma has a solution for this: “Do exercises on a chair and use filled water bottles as weights.”

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Seasonal vegetables are cheaper

Many North Holland residents point out that they want to choose the healthier option, but they don’t because it is too expensive. However, Tolsma says healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive. “Buy healthy foods at a discount to save costs and freeze them in advance. Or cook them for several days, make portions and store them in the refrigerator.

Preparing a shopping list in advance can also help, she says. “So you’re not tempted by all the good stuff. We all know that when you walk into the supermarket you get stimulated. It starts with the shopping carts and continues all the way to the checkout.”

Seasonal vegetables and water are also a better choice than frozen pizza, pies, and soft drinks, Tolsma says. Another advantage of seasonal products: they are more widely available and therefore cheaper. “Or think about frozen vegetables, which are often cheaper and actually just as healthy as fresh vegetables. They’re healthier than canned or jar vegetables.” The north of North Holland is full of farmers’ stalls. Let that be useful now. “Buying broccoli or cauliflower directly from the farmer is often cheaper.”

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