Lukas Dhont begins shooting for the second movie “Close”

Lukas Dhont (right) begins filming his second movie, ‘Close’.
Photo: Menuet

Director Lukas Dhont made his first successful film with Girl three years ago. So it makes sense that in his second movie, ‘Close’, he gathered pretty much the same crew around him. Filming started recently. The focus of the film is the friendship between two boys.

At the Cannes Film Festival, Lucas Dönt (30 years old) won his first film girl Some great prizes inside. For example, it won the Caméra d’or Award, the Best Debut Film Award and the Queer Palm Award, which is the Best Film award with LGBTQIA+ related themes. Now the director has started recording his second feature film Close.

Before that, he worked pretty much with the same crew. For example, he wrote the script again himself with co-writer Angelo Tijssens, and again works with the production company Menuet. The story revolves around two thirteen-year-old boys, Leo and Remy. When their intense friendship is suddenly severed, a confused Leo approaches Sophie, Remy’s mother. Leading roles are played by young talents.

“After three years of a hard course, we are girl Being able to finally return to the set, along with a talented cast and crew, is fantastic,” says Daunt. “Especially with a story so close to my heart.” It is not yet known when the movie will be released in theaters.

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