Lumote: Mastermote Records Review – It Should Be More Quality

It’s not a bird and it’s definitely not a plane, nor a jellyfish, nor a snail. in Lumut: Mastermote Chronicles Do you play – yes, as in reality? A dark and luminous object.

You are in a kind of multi-storey maze and your goal is to find the exit where the Mastermote is located. You can do this by carefully analyzing your environment and then activating the switches in the correct order and jumping from hot to jump again with the right timing. This 3D puzzle game stands out from the competition due to its graphic style with neon lights and matching electronic sound effects. The keys that we talked about are the inhabitants of the underwater world, such as plants and jellyfish.

The game consists of four worlds, which in turn are divided into small levels. Perfect to play between them and change your mind, although it may take some time until you find the right solution. It takes about an hour to complete the world, making the total playing time a good four hours.

However, due to the increasingly complex puzzles, after a while I had to consult a guide to guide me through the levels. This took away so much of my joy in playing. After three worlds I gave up and yet I miss the motivation to keep playing.

The game gets a 6/10 from me personally, although the craving puzzler will undoubtedly enjoy this more. You have played Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles on Google Stadia, but the game is also available on computerAnd the Play StationAnd the Nintendo Switch And the X-Box.

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