“Mank” is a top nominee for the Oscars, with 10 nominations, including several films with a Belgian touch.

The Belgian producer could be on stage during the Oscars. The production house for “Sound of Metal” is the Belgian caviar, known for its “Tabula Rasa” TV series.

“Caviar, which has a number of branches in America, has been on a beautiful path for several years. Burt Hamlink is a producer there and produced, for example, the previous film by Chloe Chow, director of” Nomadland “, which is now actually a favorite,” he says. Levin Trio.

“Now Bert Hamlink has produced” Sound of Metal, “which has won six nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor. So a Belgian is still nominated for the Oscars.”

Initially, Matthias Schoenartz was considered for his lead role in “Metal Sound”, but eventually this role went to Reese Ahmed. Now it looks like Ahmed was nominated in the Best Actor category, so who knows, Schoenarts could have competed for the statue.

The fourth film with a Belgian touch is “Genius Loci”, a short animated film in which the Belgian artist Brecht Evens collaborated.

Listen here to the conversation with film guru Levin Trio on “The World Today” on Radio 1:

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