Marcus Rashford and Anthony Marshall beat Manchester United to Sheffield United

Manchester United may go from ridiculous to glorious, but no matter how glorious they are. The three best goals scored by Ole Gunner Soulskeijer’s side all season led to another win from behind the road in the Premier League, with Sheffield United relentlessly denying the first win of a miserable campaign to date.

A mistake by Dean Henderson, who only handed over his second Premier League start to the club and was so interesting when he was in debt at Bramal Lane last season, said that David McColdrick’s short-term hopes of a three-point wait could finally come. To an end.

They rallied to turn the match around, just as United had six days to go this season. Two Marcus Rashford goals on both sides of the long-delayed Anthony Martial strike and a brilliant display by Paul Pogba carried the game in style from their hosts.

McGoldrick also added a consolation in the finals – as Sheffield United briefly threatened their own comeback with a 3-3 draw in last season’s related matches – but there will be no draw. The gap between last season’s over-achievers and their fellow exit fighters is widening. Wilder should start to worry, those above him.

Soulscare, meanwhile, looks up, climbing to sixth with this win. His page was sometimes better. Rashford’s finish for the first and Pok்பmon’s pass for the second warrant were revisited, but the best goal was a third – a flowing transition from defense to attack, starting with a Pokாmon ‘roulette’ and ending with Rashford taking the other four players.

Henderson kicked for most of last season on Bramal Lane, doing more than any of the other goalkeepers on the top flight, causing a mistake while trying to get out from behind. He hesitated for a long time after getting a ball close to his goal line from Harry Maguire, allowing Oliver Burke to close him.

Henderson’s kick was blocked by Burke, then the Manchester United goalkeeper failed to cover the loose ball. It broke for the rest of McColdry with a simple tap. Henderson briefly thought he could be restored by VAR, but after a short delay, when officials checked to see if Burke had handled the ball at the Golmouth pole, the goal stopped.

John Fleck should have added another. A turn by Chris Basham and all the people – set them aside in a quick counter-attack, which John Fleck found unmarked on the edge of the box. He pulled his shot wide. Wilder’s undefeated side was flying. But their wings will soon be clipped.

A thigh injury to Sander Berke introduced Bill Jakilka. The 38-year-old center-back is in danger of banging against the pace of the Manchester United attack. Doing so while playing a high line will intentionally cause self-destruction. Behind the acre space, the balance came easily. Still, it was even more elegant.

Wilder continued on the high line, ignoring a number of warning signs as Manchester United’s perspectives were flagged somewhat offside. A pass carefully measured on the back will break them. Pogba found it, the first time the ball was above, around John Ecken and clipped directly to Marshall’s legs.

Marshall controlled it like a striker without a league goal this season, but Ramstale tried to collect the ball like a goalkeeper, who has five clean sheets in 50 top flight appearances. The ball bounced against him and then behind him, allowing Marshall to reconsider himself and lead in the empty net.

Pokாmon began to dictate as he realized he was significantly better than the quality of the resistance. It is good to remember this game for those who are struggling to name a good performance by the record signing of Manchester United. His passing range and ambition. His role in the third goal of his page is glorious.

Bokba, who intercepted a Sheffield United shot deep in his own half, pulled away from one challenge and then circled another. The intricate patterns of one- and two-touch between Bruno Fernandez, Mason Greenwood, Rashford and Marshall advanced them to the pitch for the rest of the Rashford to use a low, hard finish. That was a majestic goal.

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