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In Iran, a massive fire broke out in an oil refinery in the southern suburbs of the capital, Tehran. According to the authorities, no injuries have been reported and vandalism does not appear to be the cause. This is most likely an explosion of a tank or pipeline with liquefied gas.

The refinery, which was commissioned in 1968, is now called Shahid Tondgoyan Refinery and can process 250,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

According to a company spokesperson, there was a technical problem that caused the fire and the fire is being combated. Iran has been plagued by a series of fires and explosions since last summer.


On Tuesday, for unknown reasons, a massive fire broke out in the Gulf of Oman on one of Iran’s largest naval vessels. The ship sank, but all 400 people on board were saved. Some observers are suspicious of an Israeli campaign of sabotage.

The fire started on “one of the ship’s systems”. No further details were mentioned. The fire must have been great. Attempts were made to control the fire for 20 hours, but to no avail. The ship eventually sank near the port of Jask in southern Iran.

The supply ship has been in service for decades. The Iranian navy said it had carried out a “training mission” in international waters in recent days.

There are also many fires in Iran due to the drought and high summer temperatures. It’s now about 40 degrees in Tehran.

Earlier today, an Iranian navy ship sank as a result of a fire.

Earlier today, an Iranian navy ship sank as a result of a fire. © VIA REUTERS

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