Maxima shares a selfie while walking with her dog Mambo: ‘Good for mental health’ | show

Queen Maxima kicked off Blue Monday, considered the bleakest of the year, with a brisk walk. The Queen walked out early on Monday with her dog Mambo, as evidenced by a photo the royal family shared via Instagram.

“Exercise is good for your physical health but also for your mental health, especially if you can do it outside,” the Queen wrote with a selfie in the woods. ‘Today, Blue Monday, I’m going for a long walk. And you too?’

Blue Monday always falls on the Monday of the last full week of January. The idea is that it often gets dark on this first day of the work week. Plus, for many people, the holidays are still a long way off, and often good intentions have already failed.

In June, the Queen said she wanted to put extra effort into projects dealing with mental health over the next 10 years. In honor of Maxima’s fiftieth birthday, the Orange Fund, sponsored by Maxima and King Willem-Alexander, began a collaboration with Mind. In the joint program Close Recovery, eighty initiatives for self-management and recovery will receive support for three years, so that everyone who needs it can receive help close to home to participate in the community again.

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