Medicine / Health, Disease | NIPH on a new delta tree: It may appear in Norway

Sweden has detected several cases of delta-type coronavirus with a mutation. The National Institute of Public Health says the mutation is likely to appear in Norway.

“We are following it closely, but we have not seen the delta variant with the additional E484Q mutation in Norway,” chief medical officer Preben Avetsland wrote in an email to NTB. He says they’ve seen cases of the delta variant with some other additional mutations.

The mutated delta variant was first detected in Uppsala earlier in August. Most people with the E484Q variant have moved to another country. Earlier on Saturday, Dagens Medicin reported ten new cases of the delta variant with a mutation in Sweden, according to Aftonbladet.

We currently know very little about the significance of the E484Q incremental mutation in the delta variant. Changes in this amino acid — the E484K mutation — are found in the beta and gamma variants, says Aavitsland when asked how the FHI ranks this variant compared to variants known in Norway.

Aavitsland says it’s still the original Delta variant that is spreading the most infections.

– We are following, but we do not see that there are important variables worse than delta. We expect deltas to continue to dominate until a more dispersed variant emerges.

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