Medius provides insight into workloads with the Financial Fit Sneltest

Medius, a leading provider of cloud-based expense management solutions, today launched the Financial Fit Quick Test to help financial professionals understand the workload of their departments. The 2021 Financial Standard survey shows that nearly a quarter of financial professionals (24%) fear the departure of a colleague due to high work pressure. Therefore, increasing the efficiency of financial activities is an important goal in 56 per cent of organizations. In the Financial Fit Quick Test, financial professionals discover the current situation in their departments and are presented with practical tools based on their situation to achieve digital and future financial management.

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During the quick test of financial fitness, two cases are always identified, where the financial professional must indicate the most applicable situation in his or her management. Based on these answers, the digital fitness of the financial department is assigned and the financial professionals receive an online guide that matches the current fitness of their department. The guide contains information about how the current state of affairs in financial management affects both the billing process and the role of financial personnel, and how you can take steps toward future-proof financial management.

Yvonne Ganz, Director of the Western Europe region at Medius: “The workload of the financial departments is high. At the same time, financial management is becoming increasingly important for business decisions and decision-making within organizations. Automation is critical here. Not only to take on the repetitive tasks of financial professionals, but also to enable financial management to be flexible and ensure business continuity.But not everyone is there yet. That’s why we want to help financial professionals gain insight into their digital fitness with the Financial Fit Quick Quiz. Based on the current situation, we present yet That’s the tools with which they can start digitizing (additional) financial management on the same day.”

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Do you want to discover the suitability of your finance department? Take the Financial Fit quick test here.

Medius is the leading global provider of cloud-based spending management solutions, helping organizations move forward by enabling best-in-class process efficiency, cost savings, and financial control. Nearly 4,000 customers and 500,000 unique users worldwide deploy Medius solutions, which translates to a total transaction value of more than $160 billion annually. Founded in 2001, Medius acquired Wax Digital, a procurement solutions provider, in 2019. The company has more than 400 employees and offices in Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Poland.

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