Microsoft makes Xbox Series X Mini Fridges after winning the # BestOfTweets Championship

Xbox won its first #BestOfTweet Brand Bracket Championship on Twitter, and after a promise from Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Series X Mini fridges will be released to the public. A tough fight with Skittles in this tournament battle, He won by only 1% after 341,731 votes. When he went to the wire, Greenberg tried to rally Xbox fans Let’s say the company would make true Xbox Series X Mini refrigerators if Xbox wins.

This is another chapter in the Xbox Series X Fridge saga that started with Microsoft, perhaps as a nod to those who love them Niko Partners Daniel Ahmed An example of why she won this competition is comparing the size of a next-generation refrigerator to a refrigerator.

It didn’t stop there: Microsoft sent Snoop Dogg and iJustine to the Xbox Series X refrigerator and held an Xbox Series X refrigerator sweepstakes that gave fans a chance to win one of the cool Xbox Series X-inspired kitchen gadgets.

After winning Greenberg thanked everyone for voting And she shared that first [Xbox Series X Mini Fridge] It’s going to be full of games and of course go see our Skittles buddies!

Skittles tried to gather his fans in a similar way, by promising To recreate the conical lime, But the appeal of the Xbox-shaped fridge seems to have won.

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Congratulations with X-Box About the win, “Skittles continued Twitter. “It’s difficult for sure, but a big thank you to all of our friends, family and fans #mcyt TO COLLECT FOR SKITTLES. We love you all! (But what would we do with all that non-refundable lime we ordered? If only we had a refrigerator). “

Fortunately, there’s an opportunity for Skittles and Xbox fans to own your very own Xbox Series X mini fridge in the future.

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