Migrants try to cross into the UK through our coast often

Oftentimes, migrants from our coasts try to cross to the UK in boats. Member of Parliament Jasper Bellen (Open VLD) from Bruges questioned Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden about this.

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Federal Member of Parliament Jasper Bellen asked for figures from Home Secretary Annelies Verlinden about attempts to cross the Canal from our coasts, and the minister responded that between 2018 and June 2021 a total of 14 attempts could be thwarted. “In 2019, there were only 1, in 2020 there were already 8 and now in the middle of 2021 there are already at least 5,” Bellin reports. Meanwhile, the figure for 2021 has already gone up even more. “Since the numbers were published, there has been talk again of intercepted boats in the press,” says Belen, “there were at least 89 people on one of the ships! In total, just over 350 people were found from 2020.” To today. Also in this region, halfway to 2021, you can already talk about doubling the number of people compared to the full year 2020. There are more attempts and the boats are bigger. The most common nationality is Vietnamese “.” Compared to the situation in neighboring France, still The problem is limited. There were already nearly 550 attempts by mid-June, with a total of 4,087 people successfully completing the crossing and 5,033 people having to abandon the attempt. These are hallucinogenic characters,” warns the deputy “but we’ve also seen an increase since 2020,” he warns Jasper Bellen, who welcomes the action plan proposed by the Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs. Tougher measures in France “There is a need to take action because because of the tougher measures by the French government, there is a risk that more immigrants from our coast will try. But because of the greater distance to the UK, crossing from here is more dangerous,” Bellin said. We must therefore prepare ourselves for increased attempts but also for more rescues, because at least five attempts involved drifting boats from French waters.” Intensive work must also continue with France to ensure that problems on our coast remain under control and with the United Kingdom and France on coordinating actions (Rescue).” Further follow-up.

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