Ministers will consider the fourth shot of people over 80 on Wednesday

The joint ministerial conference on public health will meet next Wednesday. This is confirmed by Cabinet Frank Vandenbrooke. The Vaccination Task Force will advise ministers to quickly introduce a fourth dose to people over 80, says Dirk Ramakers, chair of the task force.

The task force is still finalizing its advice, but the implication is clear. “National and international data show that protection from serious illness and hospitalization are still good,” Ramakers says. “This has to do with the fact that Belgians are pollinated well on average and are also really good. The booster also appears to provide good protection against the omikron variant.”

The Supreme Health Council and task force are concerned about people over 80, who are the most vulnerable group. “We might give them an extra dose before the summer,” Ramakers says. The professor believes a broader vaccination campaign could start again at the end of August or early September. “Who qualifies for this will depend on the evolving numbers, but that will probably be at least people over 65 and people with underlying conditions.”

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